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I've been feeling more "limited" by the size of paper I use than usual. When I started drawing I was on 5x9" paper, and eventually that got to be too small for me. Then I moved on to 9x12" paper, and that felt HUGE by comparison........but then that eventually got to be too small for me, too. Then I moved on to 11x14" paper which, again, felt ginormous by comparison. Now 11x14 paper is starting to feel kinda small for anything other than waist-up portraits and I'm looking at my 14x17" paper to step up to next, but there's one catch.........I can't scan anything larger than 11x14". Part of the issue here is that most of my ideas for compositions are somewhat large-scale and so, if I want to actually pull it off, I'd need to draw objects much smaller, which means I wouldn't be able to draw in the little details and textures that I'd like to (I already have this problem with my current compositions, and those are all scaled-down interpretations of what I wanted to do). Besides, at the current rate, I'd probably just feel limited by 14x17" paper in 6-8 months as well anyways. So, after a few more traditional drawings, I might try to push towards doing everything digitally.

I actually have a tablet (Wacom bamboo capture. I bought it when I started drawing like 2 1/2 years ago, actually) but, even after I took the time to get used to using it, it's just outright too small for the size of my monitor (24"), so most everything I do on it comes out squiggly and sketchy. Still though, I'm really considering just going digital to overcome this paper limitation. (Well, ok it's more like my limitation than a paper limitation - other artists do AMAZING large scale work on 11x14" paper - it's just that I'm nowhere near that level yet, so I need a large work space to compensate for my sloppiness and lack of precise control) I feel like things would be much easier for me if I would save up and buy a larger pen tablet, like the Intuos medium, but I'm also looking at the fact that my current tablet is more familiar with dust particles than it is with being used, so I'm afraid that I'd just end up wasting precious money on a tablet that I won't even use. Bah, I don't know - I'm just a bit frustrated right now.

I guess for now I should focus more on simply drawing regularly - with or without a new tablet or digital medium, drawing regularly will yield improvements in my artwork, so I guess I'll just put this whole digital transition in the back of my mind for now.

And, on the subject of drawing regularly, I'll be taking requests if people are interested. That's always a good way to keep me drawing. Feel free to comment if you want stuffz.

Edit: Wow, I actually didn't expect to get people responding like this, haha. I'll make a list here to keep you all updated on my progress:

1.:iconjagoman169: (Progress: Complete!)
2. :iconarnef: (Progress: Complete!)
3.:iconsweetiebelle22:Progress: Sketching...)
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Somber Knight by Altguard
Somber Knight
Basking in the somber embrace of the silent night, the knight and his companion gaze upon the town that they've been ordered to destroy in mere hours. The Knight mellows in thoughts and doubts and cannot help but to question the purpose of his orders, and to question his purpose as a knight. Were the knights not meant to maintain peace and prosperity? What could possibly justify the leveling of this community during times of peace?

As the knight grapples with his conscience, his companion makes no attempt to hide his heartache; over the centuries, he has seen such scenes spark wars and genocides far too many times to recount - none of which were for a just or noble cause. Though he is sure that this scheduled scene is yet another retelling of the same bloodstained past, he lacks the power to prevent it, as he is bound to the Knight's will. However, over the years of genocide he has partaken in, this is the first instance in which the Knight he has been bound to showed any doubt...


Ok, so I indulged myself with some pretty bad and cheesy writing - I couldn't help it >___>;. That was more or less the scene that was running through my mind as I sketched this. I didn't intend to do more than a simple sketch and I never intended to even upload this, so there are some aspects of this that weren't really planned out too well (besides the bad writing, but hey - I haven't done any writing outside of dry opinion pieces and book reports for english class since I was like, 10 or something. So cut me some slack xD), but I'm still fairly content with the result. Actually, I'm a bit more content with the fact that I finally finished a drawing that has a wee bit of backstory to it - I could call this more of an unplanned illustration. And seeing as I want to make stories in the future, it's pretty exciting for me ;).
Sprite's Gift by Altguard
Sprite's Gift
This was a secret santa done for Euphoria on the Mabinogi forums. This is a classic example of procrastination - I finished the lineart a month before we were due to turn in our secret santas, but I kept putting off coloring it until two days before it was due >___>;. So I had to semi-rush the coloring (part of why I left that big giant white space. I was running out of time and I didn't want to eff it up and regret it, lol). I don't know if it's just me, but I think my scanner did some weird stuff with my colors here - some of the colors just look kinda washed out and neon-y to the point where it doesn't look much like I used colored pencils (even though I did, as always), and the original's colors just look more balanced. I'm not quite sure what went haywire there, but I can't seem to fix it. Hopefully it's just a little quirk that'll only plague this one drawing.

Anyways, I hope Euphoria enjoys her secret santa :).
How-To Compilation by Altguard
How-To Compilation
I drew these two back sometime in October as part of a instructional how-to to build up a figure from a stick figure for a friend. I told him that he should watch instructional videos from artists online who are way, way, WAY better and more skilled/experienced than me, but he insisted that he wanted me to do it, so I caved and obliged xD. The how-to was a page on the human skeleton/limb proportions, a page on the human skull, a page on the basic shapes that can substitute for drawing the real thing (egg for the rib cage, sculpted sphere for the head, etc.), a page on using a stick figure to pose and a few tips on poses, then two pages that served as examples for building a stick figure up to the "final" (not really, just line art) result. These two were the "final" result from the sequential built-from-stick-figure examples I provided. I really don't think I'm qualified to give sound advice on this stuff, but I just couldn't say no to the guy, lol. This is the second drawing (or rather, series of drawings) I've ever done that I've given to someone else - so now I don't have the original. I don't think I took any scans/pictures of the rest of the pages, unfortunately, so to anyone who's curious about the rest of it.......sorry >_<.
[Request] Anastasia/Victoria by Altguard
[Request] Anastasia/Victoria
Welp, this is a request that :iconsweetiebelle22: made (over 3 months ago now, but better late than never) that I've finally sorta-kinda done. As you can see, I tried to do a basic digital drawing in Krita first to try and push myself into going digital, but that, well.... didn't go too well, lol. It took me hours, yet that's about all I was able to accomplish (AND I forgot her hat!) - I felt so frustrated and disappointed that I threw together the traditional pencil line art next to it. My artistic ego gets bruised so easily, it's actually kinda pathetic, LOL.

Anyways, I hope this is the start of my digital journey and future digital works :D.

Character: Anastasia/Victoria (I'm not too sure which name), by :iconsweetiebelle22:

Artwork by me.
Mystic by Altguard
This is just a random brain fart that I actually did back in September, but never uploaded. I did it traditionally with pen + ink/brush, but the black parts came out with horrible streaking all over the place, so I didn't upload it. It eventually dawned upon me that I could just half-assedly go over it digitally since the whole thing is only one shade of black and one shade of white, so I did 8D 


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm Brian, an introverted guy who's discovered a fondness of drawing. Any any time I'm not spending on classwork I generally spend on drawing or playing video games (mostly drawing now, though). I hope to learn and grow as an artist with everyone :)

I̶ ̶a̶l̶s̶o̶ ̶p̶l̶a̶y̶ ̶N̶A̶ ̶M̶a̶b̶i̶n̶o̶g̶i̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶M̶a̶r̶i̶ ̶s̶e̶r̶v̶e̶r̶.̶ ̶M̶y̶ ̶I̶G̶N̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶K̶i̶h̶a̶r̶a̶.̶ I haven't been playing Mabi much anymore - it's more important that I draw with what little free time I have than play Mabi.

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